NNB Documentaries

NNB Co-produced Documentaries

Black Pioneers

Black Pioneers of the Sunshine City

A Boston Bros. production, directed by David Boston.

This special focuses on the black men and women who made St. Petersburg the city it is today, reliving their times, their struggles, and their successes against all odds. Stories from the people who were lived through everything from fighting the Jim Crow Laws to the sanitation strike are here, sharing their experiences and the lessons that they leave for generations that come after them.

St Pete and The Burg

St. Pete & the Burg: A City Divided

Directed and Produced by Eilleen Delapaz and Jabaar Edmond.

The documentary explores the historical racial division of St. Petersburg. It explains the recent effects of gentrification in addition to what has occured in the past.

Spa Beach Controversy

The Spa Beach Controversy

Directed and produced by Vanya Tsvetkova.

African American people were not allowed to attend the local beaches in St. Petersburg and were only allowed to swim in the South Mole. The initial swim in of Spa Beach in 1955 encouraged others to do the same which led to the frequent city response of closing the beach.