Jalessa Blacksheer – Activist & Community Leader

On October 19, 2017, Jalessa Blacksheer of Cape May, NJ came to speak to Dr. Conner’s Thursday night class. She spoke about her passion for the St. Pete community, especially in the south and midtown portions of the city. Jalessa comes from a long line of St. pete locals, although she was born in Cape May, NJ.

Jalessa is involved with many local co-op living organizations, the Bartlett park community garden, the Harbordale community garden, the eco-village, The Peace House and many other grassroots communities of people, artists, musicians and activists within the St. Petersburg community. She is excited to continue growing platforms for engagement within the community, and has overseen multiple mural projects within the communities of South St. Pete.

“We have resources,” says Blacksheer. Jalessa believes it is simply a matter of getting people involved.